Welcome to my Gourmet Girl Does Real Estate site!

My name is Sheri Negri, and I could not be happier that you have found my site!

Raised by my father and being the oldest of four kids, I had to learn at a young age how to pitch in and help out wherever I could.  I learned all too soon that the kitchen was were I wanted to be most.  Luckily my father and brothers were good sports about  my dishes when I was just learning to cook!

Being Italian and all, my cooking has always been influenced by my Italian roots and love for Italian food.   My husband and I actually got married in Italy which was a dream come true.  I have the fondest memories of our time there together.  I definitely enjoyed the food there which inspired some of my recipes.  Since I am a native Californian, my cooking  is also strongly influenced by California cuisine.

I am a Realtor in the Sacramento Region (hence the name of my site).  I always wanted to incorporate my love of food with my business, so that is why I started this site and will be publishing a cookbook in the very near future.  Stayed tuned for more information on my cookbook.

Happy Recipe Hunting!

Wedding pic of Brian and I

Venice 2

Lake Como 7

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